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15 April 2011

Fast AJAX datagrid and many high-quality javascript UI components.


ActiveWidgets... Very fast AJAX datagrid and many high-quality javascript UI components make ActiveWidgets library one of the most popular commercial Web development tools. ActiveWidgets javascript grid can work with very large datasets on the client-side without any loss of speed and supports complex visual layouts (fixed columns, multiple headers/footers) and full set of UI operations (sorting, resizing, editing).

The library offers online documentation, developer support forum and hundreds of code samples to allow easy integration of ActiveWidgets components into ASP.NET, Java, PHP and other application platforms.

ActiveWidgets components are used in production since 2003 in government, military, banking, telecommunications, logistics, manufacturing and other industries by many thousands customers in more than 65 countries around the world.

What's new in ActiveWidgets

Version 2.5.6:
  • Adds support for IE 9 (and IE 10 preview 1), Firefox 4, Safari 5, Chrome 10, Opera 11.
  • ActiveWidgets 2.5 includes major improvements in browser support, performance, visual themes, API and end-user functionality.
  • The new version works in all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • The new implementation of the 'virtual scrolling' in the grid control allows 2x-3x faster initialization and scrolling. The performance improvements are especially noticeable in grids with the large number of columns (50-100) as the grid now renders only the cells in the visible area instead of the full row.
  • ActiveWidgets 2.5 also adds two new visual themes - 'vista' and 'system'. The 'system' theme combines vista, xp, aqua and classic themes into one package so that the theme appearance matches the current user operating system.
  • The grid control now supports copy/paste operations, has new navigation/selection api, allows using text indices for better handling of JSON datasets and many other improvements.

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