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Art Thief

31 December 2010

Travel from city to city to steal major pieces of art.


Art Thief is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch about the legendary artwork thief John Robie. Robie travels from one city to the next on his quest to steal all the major artwork in the world.

Each level is a museum dedicated to a single major artist. Robie enters after closing and has to find the artist's five major masterpieces before the museum opens again. The problem is that not only is each museum crawling with security and alarms but he has to make sure he steals the correct paintings!

  • Stealth gameplay
  • State of the art rendered graphics.
  • Advanced light effects
  • 30 Frames of animation per movement.
  • Smooth full screen scrolling.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack.
  • Multi floor playing areas.
  • Classics from Vermeer, Picasso and more!

What's new in Art Thief

Version 1.3:
  • Bug fixes. Major painting bug fixed!
  • Difficulty tweaked.

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