3D Accelerometer
3D Accelerometer


3D Accelerometer free download for Mac

3D Accelerometer1.0

05 August 2009

Acceleration data tool.


3D Accelerometer is a tool to provide you with a way to see the acceleration data on your phone. An accelerometer is a device that measures the acceleration it experiences relative to freefall.

  • X-Axis is roll
  • Y-Axis is pitch
  • Z-Axis is face up/face down
Yaw can not be determined using an accelerometer because it is a compass value. X, Y, and Z are linear acceleration values that point to whichever way gravity is operating. Together, they form a 3-D acceleration vector that indicates the direction of gravity.
  • Features:
    • X,Y,Z acceleration data displayed in G forces and angles relative to the ground
    • 3D Grid which represents the angle of your phone
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