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Star Guitar1.4

03 August 2009

Record guitar and voice.


Star Guitar is an AUTOMATIC GUITAR + VOICE RECORDER in your pocket. It enables you to play, accompanement and record your favorite songs everywhere. Feeling creative? Star Guitar is also a great and fun tool to make up new songs on the fly and record them instantly.

No musical skills are required, and we don't want you to tap or strum those tiny strings as in other guitar apps. Instead, just hit a chord button, and hear the guitar rhythm being played. So, you can play basically any song with just your thumb, and sing along, recording everything in realtime! Unleash the musician in you!

Simply put - Star Guitar sounds awesome. It sets a new milestone for the iPhone sample-based music applications. This is the first guitar app to have realistic strumming sounds. The most amazing thing is that everything is generated in realtime, thanks to our new "SampleMagic" technology! You can also choose between 3 guitars types (with more to follow!)

The unique concept of Star Guitar delivers an astonishing 144 chords at one screen. There are 7 root notes, every note has 5 chord modifiers. With such range, almost any song can be played. Turn a modifier on/off by tapping it. It's really very simple. The chords for the songs can be easily obtained in the internet, at sites such as

There are two modes for strumming chords: manual (with "SmartStrumming" technology for added realism) and automatic. Automatic mode is the "virtual guitarist", with 13+ rhythm patterns to be picked from, each pattern has A and B variations (for chorus and verse).

But that's not all! You can export your recordings to .WAV / .CAF and bring them to your desktop computer via the built-in server over wi-fi (no extra software needed). You can also perform direct export of your recordings to the excellent Intua's Beatmaker, without the need of PC, for further processing.

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