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PC2ME+ Remote Desktop w/PC Audio free download for Mac

PC2ME+ Remote Desktop w/PC Audio1.0.8

03 August 2009

Contol any Windows desktop application.


PC2ME+ Remote Desktop w/PC Audio delivers your PC desktop, including the audio, right on your iPhone or iPod touch

Powerful iPhone software enables you to control ANY Windows desktop application or content at any screen size PLUS listen in to full CD quality AAC Stereo audio playing on your PC over WiFi, or high quality audio over 3G and EDGE.

Stay connected to WebEx, GoTo Meeting or hotComm webinars, live with charts or slides, watch and listen presentations right from your iPhone, even when you are traveling.

Enjoy listening to your entire music collection, no matter how large it may be or in which file formats, as it is being played on your desktop computer in its best possible rendition. Control your main media player remotely and listen online, or listen to your favorite Internet Radio stations as they stream and are being played by your more powerful and flexible PC player.

The streamlined, highly intuitive touch gestures for screen navigation, mouse and keyboard control use our patent pending multi-touch technology, while keystrokes are entered directly into your application without any intermediate edit fields. For the instant visual feedback, our innovative graphics compression refreshes your iPhone display over 5 times a second with the desktop screen data, even over Edge.

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  • This app is only available for iOS devices
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