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High performance, low latency driver for the EasyCap DC60.   Free
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EasyCapViewer is a high performance, low latency driver for various EasyCap models and versions. Supports AV playback and recording with Composite and S-Video input. Low-latency means it's great for gaming.
What's New
Version 0.6.2:
  • Fixes black screens with some EasyCaps
  • Intel/PPC
  • OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • Certain EasyCap models

MacUpdate - EasyCapViewer

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EasyCapViewer User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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Mitch_de reviewed on 08 Apr 2013
Great that the dev works further on his freeware software. New version works very good and this is , together with the 10 € Easycap (& clones) USB Stick the cheapest way of video digitizing / videorecording for Videotapes and also XBOX, PS. To get significant better solutions you need to buy at least HW for 150 €+. Other "Mac" Video USB Sticks around 50 € giving NOT better results!
[Version 0.6.2]


Zekeuyasha reviewed on 28 Jan 2013
Very simple to use program, plug in your DC60 and hit the play button on the screen.
Doesn't offer much in real-time rendering, only things like de-interlacing techniques but that really doesn't bother me.
I use it to copy 8mm from a camcorder, I have to go from camcorder to VCR to DC60 in order to get sound but it works fine.
I also use it to turn my monitor into a simple television to play video games on There is very little to no latency between what is happening and what is showing up on the screen. rhythm based games like Guitar Hero can be played with the game's calibration settings.
Windows must use USB differently because Windows will only play video-games on this card with very high latency and no sound...this program and the Mac OS are clear winners.
Can't beat free, and this is the only free video adapter software to support the DC60.
[Version 0.5.5]


NatZakaria reviewed on 17 Nov 2012
Cant seem to get it to run.
I am on Mountain Lion
Have the DC60
Ran the app and it says
No supported capture hardware was found.

Can anyone assist?
[Version 0.5.5]

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Dmgceo replied on 19 Nov 2012
I got the same results :-(

MichelangeloFincesca reviewed on 25 May 2012
OMG This is totally awesome - especially as it is free and not $29.95 which some others want! Thank you for making it free! I have a CCTV feed and this is precisely what I wanted to do.

As a believer in DON'T ASK, DON'T GET may I make two upgrade requests?
1. RED DOT appears on image when recording
2. ability to superimpose day, date, 24 hour clock, opacity, location etc.

Yes I know I am greedy, but it might be something that is very easily achieved - you can tell I am no programmer!
[Version 0.5.4]



Gregorgy reviewed on 31 Aug 2011
Very cool - works a charm. I have the Miglia TVMax which is bulky (size of a Mini) and while it's great, it's hardly portable. EasyCAP is cheap and portable and goes with my MBP and this software very nicely.

Could do with an icon though...
[Version 0.5.3]

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Gregorgy replied on 09 Sep 2012
ICON has arrived!!! Still one of the best things you will ever get for free - many thanks to the dev.

Doovoo reviewed on 18 Feb 2011
I nearly purchased the Easycap for mac...glad i found this download. I rarely write reviews, but feel this deserves some of my time after saving me money and solved the problem since converting from PC to MAC. The sound seems to work really well.. the picture works nicely after slight configurations. Overall just what i was looking for and I'm looking forward to converting my old VHS tapes and 8mm camcorder tapes.
[Version 0.5.3]



Tempel reviewed on 24 Jul 2010
Works well with a EasyCAP Grabber that shows up as "USB 2.0 Video Capture Controller" (Syntek Semiconductor, Product ID 0x0408, Vendor ID 0x05e1) in System Profiler.

Has settings for various PAL and NTSC modes.

Thanks a lot for making this available for free.
[Version 0.5]

Outsanity commented on 21 May 2010
I bought 2 EasyCaps and the video on my Mac works good with EasyCapViewer but both fail to get the audio. Is there a fix for this or is one coming because I don't plan on buying this VideoGlide app.

What I mean is that in the audio area of the ECV settings, it don't say "USB 2.0 Video Capture Controller"
[Version 0.5]

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Outsanity replied on 21 May 2010
I checked the error log and it said "2010-05-21 18:08:58 -0500: Device audio version: (Unsupported)"
Freeeeeman replied on 23 Oct 2010
any solution to this?
Dexter Stoltz replied on 24 Mar 2013
If you get an RCA to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, you can bypass the player and go to the line-in of your computer. Hit Command and comma, and the Configure Device menu comes up - select 'Built-In Input' under the Audio section.
Also - try the newest version; audio input is being improved.


Sturmen reviewed on 14 Oct 2009
Works fantastic! This is just what I'd been looking for. Works great with my EasyCap. Really a must-have if you want to ditch your Windows computer.

Shameless plug: by one for $10.99 from DealExtreme! http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5707~r.76136188
[Version 0.2.1]


Kernelg had trouble on 06 Apr 2011
Note that this app only works with a very specific model of EasyCap DC60. The Product ID must be 0x0408, the Vendor ID must be 0x05e1, and the video version must be 11. I scored on the first two, but even so, audio is not supported (this is random chance). No worries, I run a pro-audio rig so I hook that up separately and verify levels. Try to play video, nothing, check error log: My EasyCap's video version is 10, so.. I am out. It doesn't work at all. Dev says he will add video version 10 support for a $120 donation. Huh. While the DC60 hardware is cheap—under ten bucks—there are too many possible ways to fail here. I'll keep an eye out for a sale on the $35 Mac-specific iGrabber package and be done.
[Version 0.5.3]

mrMxyzptlK had trouble on 14 Mar 2011
2011-03-14 17:34:55 -0700: Starting playback.
2011-03-14 17:34:55 -0700: Device video version: 10
2011-03-14 17:34:55 -0700: Device audio version: (Unsupported)
2011-03-14 17:34:57 -0700: -[ECVCaptureDevice threadMain_play]:390 (*_interfaceInterface)->LowLatencyReadIsochPipeAsync(_interfaceInterface, pipeIndex, transfer->data, currentFrame, microframesPerTransfer, CLAMP(1, millisecondInterval, 8), transfer->list, ECVDoNothing, NULL): kIOReturnIsoTooOld
2011-03-14 17:34:57 -0700: Stopping playback.

ok so i have the hardest time getting my easy cap to work. this is the report in the error log i get whenever i try to activate the playback (with the easycap plugged in)
it's safe to say i've tried everything i can think of (i even bought a second one after the first one didn't work because it was so damn cheap) and i'm really frustrated with this. can anyone help me?
[Version 0.5.3]

Tom Chesebro rated on 07 Mar 2014

[Version 0.6.2]

Version Downloads:29,598
Type:Multimedia Design : Video
Date:07 Apr 2013
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 0.x):
Ease of Use:
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EasyCapViewer is a high performance, low latency driver for various EasyCap models and versions. Supports AV playback and recording with Composite and S-Video input. Low-latency means it's great for gaming.

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