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18 July 2009

C++ input device API library.


Note: iAuxINP is no longer under development and the developer provides no support for it.

iAuxINP is a cross-platform C++ input device API library providing an intuitive and elegant interface to operate with input devices such as: Mouse, Joystick, Gamepad, Keyboard and etc.. One of iAuxINP input device library's unique features is an interface for the Force-Feedback effects which is unified across all supported software platforms that makes cross-platform development very easy and quick.


  • Supports Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Gamepad devices (*).
  • Supports common Force-Feedback effects (custom, condition, periodic) and features (gain, auto-centering).
  • Supports software platforms: Windows XP/Vista+ (32/64 bit), Linux (32/64 bit), MacOSX 10.5.4+ (32/64 bit - x86/ppc).
  • Provides low latency in events delivery from hardware to user level.
  • Especially suitable for the development of action games like shooters, simulations in which input events and their preciseness are of high importance to the application design.
  • Many more features.

What's new in iAuxINP

Version 1.1.639:
  • some API methods are unified with other iAuxSoft libraries (IDevice initialisation especially)
  • IDeviceInfoCollection is simplified and is a completely local instance if created by user
  • improved error reporting to user by making most methods be returning error code where possible
  • numerous documentation fixes in headers

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