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18 July 2009

C++ SQL database API library.


iAuxSQL is a high-performance cross-platform C++ SQL database API library which provides common unified programmer-friendly interface to the popular database engines, such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

Along with just unified database operations via common interface iAuxSQL library provides some additional unique features that could be very useful in projects with intensive and database oriented operations.


  • Supports connections to MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite databases.
  • Supports platforms: Windows XP/Vista+ (32/64 bit), Linux (32/64 bit), Mac OS X 10.5.4+ (32/64 bit - x86/ppc)
  • Internal transaction mechanism for execute operations (especially useful when native Database API does not support transactions).
  • Special 'execution marks' as control points to control pseudo transaction executions (extremely useful to control data save operations before reloading it from different thread for example).
  • Many more features.

What's new in iAuxSQL

Version 1.1.639:
  • modified Date/Time/DateTime structs:
    • - Date/Time/DateTime: constructor from Field is removed, as it may be constructed from field casted into const char* string
    • - method construct() which constructs structure from formated string is now silently returns NULL if NULL was in input parameter
    • - DateTime is now composed from Date and Time structs to utilize unified construction from string
    • - All 3 classes are now well documented and string format is provided for each class for information
  • Query class got 3 new operators « for Date, Time, DateTime classes which automatically convert them into SQL recognisable string representation
  • IResult interface: renamed 'num_rows' to 'rows', 'num_fields' to 'fields'
  • IResultUse interface: renamed 'num_fields' to 'fields'
  • ISerializer interface renamed into IHexSerializer, class methods are modified to secure versions, please check their documentation
  • implemented new serializers to pack binary data more tightly in cells: ISerializerBase32, ISerializerBase64, ISerializerZBase64 (zip + base64)
  • SerializedStruct got new template parameter _Serializer, which shall be used to set strategy for binary data serialization
  • ILibrary: InitLibrary/CloseLibrary are renamed to Init/Close.
  • IDb: Allocate is now available in single variant only with struid_t (text type id)
  • Documentation fixes and improvement
  • following methods are deprecated:
    • IDb::Allocate
    • IDb::Free
    • IDb::Option
    • IDb::Connect
    • IDb::UpdateActivity
    • IDb::IsValid

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
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