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Card Ninja1.1

27 November 2010

Flick cards at matching targets.


Card Ninja features unique game play in which you flick cards at matching targets, balancing speed with accuracy as you try to improve your Ninja ranking. Card Ninja begins as a deceptively simple matching game with killer sound effects and a fast tempo. As you progress you are confronted by challenging matching combinations, dynamic targets and out of control wild cards. This addictive game will soon become a test of your peripheral vision, short-term memory and the key Ninja skill, your finger flicking speed.

The only question is - Do you have the Nunchaks to meet the challenge?

  • Flick cards from the deck at targets, matching colors, symbols or both.
  • Earn bonuses for beating the timer.
  • Take care to hit targets and avoid causing chaos in the Dojo kitchen.
  • Gather enough cards to progress to higher levels and earn a higher Ninja ranking.
  • 'Goo' wildcards offer card bonuses while 'Evil' wildcards can inflict extreme damage to your card count - learn their clues well and you may succeed.

What's new in Card Ninja

Version 1.1:
  • You wanted to SAVE your progress? You got it. Card Ninja now saves your last level giving you more chances to become a masterful Ninja.
  • Hungry for some competition? No problem. Card Ninja is now Open Feint enabled. Your HIGH SCORES and the high scores of your friends around the world can now be accessed via Open Feint.(Challenges and other cool stuff coming soon)
  • You asked for HELP - you got it. General help is now included as well as some crafty clues for those troublesome wild cards.
  • Having trouble keeping track of the targets? We hear you and so we've modified the card and target COLORS to increase their visibility.

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