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22 June 2009

Private group chat.


YoFrogicon is private group chat for the iPhone and iPod touch. Create rooms, invite friends and talk in privacy.

  • When texting is too limited and tweeting is too public, make a space for you and your friends.
  • Don't limit yourself by one-to-one messaging. Be social.
  • Invite as many friends as you like. Make a room for your entire school or just you and a buddy.
  • Messages are saved even when you're not around, so catch up at your leisure.
  • Easy to use interface with well-understood chat room concepts.
  • Virtually unlimited rooms, messages and friends. No per message fees or limits.
  • Rooms are invite only to maintain privacy but easy for any member to invite someone else.
  • Works on all iPhones and iPod touches, even those who never upgraded from iOS 2.0.
  • Quickly switch between rooms to maintain multiple conversations.
  • Choose your own message color for personality.
  • No email address required, no verification emails, no hassle. Just sign in and chat.

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • or later
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