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12 June 2009

Place things in order game.


Sort...Once upon a time, the world was in complete disorder and chaos. There was bedlam, anarchy, pandemonium, commotion, and turmoil. No one could stop it. Then came Sort. The masses downloaded it to their iPhones and iPod touches. As they sorted everything from alphabets to numbers to countries, chaos transformed to order and planetary destruction was adverted.

Now it's your turn ... right at your fingertips. Imagine a world where everything is in order. Each and every item is sorted and has its place. Almanac, Alphabets, Entertainment, Geography & Social Studies, Health & Science, Mathematics, Sports and Trivia; they all need order. Sort, we say.

See how fast you can sort and match items in a list. Cool animation allows you to tap, drag and flick elements into place. From this day forward, you will feel compelled to put items in order with Sort.

See why potentially millions of people may make Sort the best selling mobile game ever. Take Sort for a spin on your iPhone and iPod Touch to experience new heights in sorting. Hours of mindless and educational fun can be yours today.


  • More than 200 games organized in 8 different categories
  • Sorting and matching games
  • Tap, drag and flick elements into place
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
  • Game hints in Beginner and Intermediate Levels
  • Multi-player mode
  • Shake on the main screen to randomly choose a game
  • Play in portrait or landscape mode (for tile games)
  • Integrated Help

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  • This app is only available for iOS devices

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