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Defender Chronicles1.0

10 June 2009

Story based tower defense.


Defender Chronicles is an addictive and easy-to-learn game play of a tower defense game with story, RPG elements, Defender Chronicles delivers a brand new gaming experience like nothing you have played before.

Return to the glory days of epic battles, desperate princesses, artifacts hunting, and marvelous fantasy beasts. Travel the path of a warlord as you lead an army through the beautiful land of Athelia to defend the Empire from the invasion of the Orc Hordes and the rising Undead.


  • The first and only 2D platform tower defense with a unique blend of role-playing adventure.
  • Choose from the 5 game modes - story, freestyle (random), extended, classic and classic extended. Freestyle mode provides random enemy waves.
  • Take on the 4 difficulty levels - casual, veteran, master, heroic. Each difficulty level is designed carefully for a specific audience and each can be won with perfect score.
  • Fight a variety of enemy bosses - from Gnoll Captain, Orc Chieftain, and Queen Goblin to the fearsome Wyrm Rider Duo, Awe Inspiring Giant Golem and Meat Chomping Slimeballs.
  • High production value - fun storyline, 7 original music soundtracks, spatial sound effects, voice-actings, hand-drawn graphics, intuitive controls, auto-save, auto-flip, fast-forward.

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