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05 June 2009

Make pieces of your color constitute a majority of the board.


BlueReversi is a Revesi (also known as Othello) game for iPhone and iPod touch. You can play against a strong AI on the beautiful game board.

Reversi is played all over the world, especially in Japan and some areas of Europe. The object of the game is to make pieces of your color constitute a majority of the pieces on the board at the end of the game.


  • Strong AI:
    BlueReversi's AI is very strong. You can choose your opponent form level.1 to level.10. At level.10 (the strongest), you will be beaten easily unless you are the one of the best players of the world. If you are not such a good player, you can choose a lower level that will help you learn basic strategies of Reversi.
  • Graphics:
    The board and pieces are displayed in 3D with smooth animations. You can select the appearance of the board.
  • Customizability:
    In preference, thare are switches to turn on of off several features, such as showing legal moves, playing sound effects, passing automatically.

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