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Dr Metronome1.0

03 June 2009

Drummer's metronome.


Dr Metronome... It is developed with consideration for drum and percussion training. We considered that an accurate click sound with a high resolution and flash display ,per a beat ,function are needed for drummer. Especially a high-resolution click with a high resolution help not only keeping tempo but also checking each stroke timing.(Quarter Note, Eighth Notes, Eighth Note Triplets, Sixteenth Notes) And beat-flash help time keeping even if drum loud sounds disturb a click.

We also designed working as "Metronome without sound". There is a progress bar on the center of screen. That works with flash like conductor.

Features :

  • 8 Beat settings (Accent Sound, Note and Flash Color per a beat respectively)
  • 3 Accent Sounds(C, G, C and no sound)
  • 3 Notes (Quarter, 8th, 8th Note Triplets, 16th Notes)
  • 3 Flash Colors(Red, Blue ,White and Black)
  • 60 - 240 BPM(minimum BPM lower by beat setting)
  • Tapping Tempo (60-240 BPM. between 2 points or average of 5 points)

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