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22 December 2016

RapidWeaver plug-in; create your own e-commerce site.


RapidCart is a RapidWeaver plugin that lets you create your own e-commerce website in minutes. Add one or more RapidCart pages to your site and enjoy the slick and fully customizable cross-page AJAX cart that the plugin will automatically generate for you.

  • Payments
    • checkout thru multiple trusted payment systems
    • no monthly fee required
    • support for all currencies
    • complete cart with taxes and shipping
    • Google Checkout support
    • PayPal support
    • E-junkie support
    • iDEAL support thru SISOW
    • Direct Order with customizable fields
    • disclaimer
    • custom return URL
    • RapidCart for iPhone support
  • Prices
    • default tax rate percentage
    • shows prices with or without taxes
    • special prices for promotions
    • taxes and shipping
    • additional costs management
    • different prices for different options
    • coupon codes for discounts
    • multiple carts on one domain
  • Cart
    • AJAX cross-page cart
    • saved in cookies
    • customizable expiration
    • customizable size, alignment and position
    • customizable colors
    • 1-4 column layout
    • automatic positioning
    • full summary including taxes and shipping
    • powerful customizable layout
    • styled/HTML header and footer
    • SEO support
  • Products
    • products management
    • automatic icon scaling
    • name, SKU
    • styled product description
    • unlimited options with automatic dropdown or text field creation
    • price, special price for promotions
    • taxes and shipping
    • "out of stock" option
    • automatic multiple products creation from drag-and-drop
  • Effects
    • cool effects when adding items or emptying cart
    • on-the-fly quantity increase/decrease with automatic update
    • customizable cart icon sets
  • Internationalization
    • customizable currency, decimal separator and precision
    • customizable labels
  • Compatibility
    • works with Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE7+
    • Snow Leopard ready
  • Updates
    • automatic updates
    • frequent updates for bugfixing and improvements

What's new in RapidCart

Version 3.7.1:
  • Fixes a crash on RapidWeaver 7.1+

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12 June 2009

Most helpful

I've used GoogaLoom, PayLoom, and now RapidCart. RapidCart blows the other two away, because it doesn't require users to interact with an unexplained pop-up PayPal window every time they add something to their cart. Instead, items' icons swoosh up into the cart icon, and all the shopping cart functions are integrated into the page, hovering there (through Ajax or whatever magic is running it). I switched to this plug-in and am very happy with it. I think it provides a much more graphically polished and pleasing look on my site, and must inspire more confidence in users because of the visually self-evident way it carries out the shopper's selections. It also allows for pop-up menus that change each item's features; my only wish is that these could affect the price (so I could have users choose local or international shipping, for instance, instead of having to host two separate shops on my site).
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Version 1.0.12
04 July 2016
Seems that RapidCart is not a paid version anymore; only RapidCart Pro is, but in two version Starter and Advanced. I really like to see what are the features of this one (but I can't see them listed on the dev. website).
Version 3.7.0
08 May 2015
This is a GREAT program with the best support from the developers that can be imagined. They stuck with me through many tribulations that where mostly my issues. You cannot go wrong with this solution. Highly recommended!!!
Version 3.3.5
29 October 2014
Does NOT work with the new Split theme from RW 6! (Or should I say: the new Split theme does not work with Rapidcart) Bummer!
Version 3.3.5
27 September 2012
Just love the simplicity of it :)
Version 3.2.3
31 August 2011
Still no option for different region shipping. Layout is horrible.
Version 3.1.4
06 June 2011
I have been using RapidCart since v2 was released. I find it a great Cart to use with RapidWeaver. Best of all, though, is the support from Omnidea. I have asked a few questions about details and function and raised a couple of issues. Each time I get a response within a few hours. Always helpful and relevant, even to the extent of a new sub-version release to address the issues. These guys are great!
Version 3.1.2
03 November 2010
Sigh. Unfortunately no American payment authorization system such as Authorize.net. Back to TomatoCart.
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Version 2.7.6
1 answer(s)
03 November 2010
I mean credit card authorization system.
Version 2.7.6
03 November 2010
Wow, what perfect timing! I had literally given up on my search for an Ajax shopping cart system last week and started learning TomatoCart. I couldn't use the first version of RapidCart because it was too limited in shipping and credit cards. I can't wait to try this version.
Version 2.7.6
28 September 2010
Version 1 was very nice, but version 2 is a radical improvement. Too bad Omnidea's upgrade policy is time-limited. I waited too long to choose to upgrade and they want to charge me the full purchase price, so I've decided to switch the competitor's plug-in on principal. Great tool, but as a early adopter I would have hoped for better treatment.
Version 2.6.4
27 March 2010
Would be nice to have multiple shipping options... especially if your dealing with US and international sales. I'll stick with Big Cartel, but hope to see this feature added into your plugin.
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Version 2.5.0