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03 April 2009

Cross between Tetris and Chess.


ActionChess is an exciting new action puzzle game mashup that crosses two of the greatest games of all time: Chess and Tetris!

There are several game modes to play and unlock. You can play in Arcade Mode or Timed Mode to start out with, but as you progress, you'll gain the ability to play in Specific Piece Mode, where you choose which pieces you get. Timed Mode and Specific Piece Mode are faster paced than Arcade Mode, (where you can play for hours without losing). You'll be surprised at how playing with each of the different piece types, Rooks, Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Queens, each feel like an entirely different game.

Instructions: You move any of the pieces on the gameboard using standard chess moves. Simply drag the piece you want to move onto the piece you want to capture. You have to capture a piece to move a piece. Score points for each capture, or make rows of all black or all white to score a whole row at once! The pieces continually push up from the bottom of the screen, and the game is over when you let one reach the top. The game gets faster with each level, but when you want to go even faster than that, just press the up arrow to push more pieces out onto the board.

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