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27 March 2009

Add cinematic filters to photos.


CinemaFX... Inspired by post-production techniques used in blockbuster movies such as 300, Underworld, The Mummy, CinemaFX brings amazing movie-like effects to your iPhone and iPod photos.


  • Spartan Sepia A dark sepia tone and red garments characterized the movie 300. Add this dramatic effect to your photo and give it a 300 look! Works best with red clothing against blue sky, this isn't just another sepia filter: saturated red is well preserved and darkened sky appears gloomy and ominous.
  • Egyptian Gold Treasures, pyramid, tombs and desert, this lush golden tone gives your photo an instant The Mummy style makeover.
  • Cinematic Color Ever wonder why the colors of movie scenes are ever so elegant? This neat effect gives your everyday shots a cinematic feel.
  • Dark Night Do you know that night scenes are often shot in daylight? Use this filter to bring darkness instantly upon your photos.
  • Vampire World A bluish dark tone, featured in the movie Underworld. Keep the faces of your subjects well lighted for better result.
  • Elf Glow A glowing highlighted world for fairies and elves, this filter brings a fantasy movie effect instantly.
  • Dark Comic A Sin City styled black-and-white conversion, a gritty comic book look.
  • Surveillance Cam Remember how detectives check on their suspect through surveillance camera installed in the interrogation room? This interlace filter can easily put your subjects "under surveillance".
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