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27 March 2009

Fast-paced strategy game that speeds you from birth to old age in just 8 turns.


Karmastar...Maneuver through the years, making decisions about how you treat the other players as you face an assortment of life's most embarrassing and triumphant moments. The choices you make are not always obvious. Building your traits early can pay off later, but sacrifices can sometimes lead to great reward.

  • Boost your traits each turn or gamble by attacking another player.
  • Use wildcards in clever combinations as you work toward a strategic chain of bonus scores. An opportunistic series of moves can often give you a big lead.
  • Explore a variety of strategies, from constructive to combative. Like life, the game supports different paths to success.
  • KarmaStar can be played alone or by up to 3 players via WiFi, in any combination. There are 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Deceptively simple at first, games last 8-10 minutes. Play a quick game as you're waiting in line, or join friends for a game over coffee. Life passes quickly.
  • KarmaStar tracks your Achievements, wins/losses and career high score.
  • Easy to learn, but addictive.
  • Engineering by Wooji Juice: Silky smooth animations and effects, in single-player or WiFi multiplayer.
  • The game is automatically saved if you're interrupted by a phone call--return later exactly where you left off.
  • Quirky, signature style: Artwork by Pierre Bracconi. Music and sound effects by dSonic.
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