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Gesture Dial1.03

18 March 2009

Speed dial friends with a simple swipe of the finger.


Gesture Dial...icon The fastest speed dial for the iPhone yet! Call your friends with a simple swipe of the finger. The way dialing was meant to be done on a touch screen.

Define your own gestures and use them to contact friends. Swipe straight down to call Jo. Make a curve to text Mary. You decide! Look through the screenshots for sample gestures. But remember, you can create any you want.

iPod Touch Users: dialing and text messaging is not available for the iPod Touch unless supported by a third party application.

  • Fast load time. No long lists or pictures to wait for before you can dial.
  • Make your own gestures. As many as you want for all your contacts.
  • Assign a gesture to call, text message, or email a friend (or prompt you each time).
  • Make multiple gestures for each contact. One for calling, one for text messaging, and so on.
  • Use on iPod for quick emailing and visiting friends' Web pages.
  • Configurable delay to allow canceling of mistaken dial.

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