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Patient Tracker1.5

18 March 2009

Helps doctors and nurses track information about their patients.


Patient Tracker...icon Helps doctors and nurses track information about their patients.

Store history & physical (H&P) and notes for each patient. You won't have to carry around index cards anymore, and dictation will be a breeze.

Includes standard answers for allergies, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, illicit drug history, pulmonary, cardiovascular, abdomen, neuro, HEENT, vitals, neck, and more. Quickly select standard answers by tapping instead of typing.

Includes shorthand symbols for CHEM-7 and CBC.

Perfect for doctors, medical students, nurses, and anybody else involved in patient care.

Patient Tracker is for storing data about patients you are actively following in the hospital. Usually, you will delete a patient from the list when their hospital course is complete. Patient Tracker is for personal reference and isn't an EMR app.

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