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Reversi Online Tournament1.0

16 March 2009

PvP Reversi.


Reversi Online Tournament... How is it, playing a game with someone that you don't even see? How can you play someone in real time and even be able to chat with them? How is it, that you can do this in the train, in a car, or at a beach? How is it, that you can do all this on an iPhone?

It is time for a minor mobile gaming revolution - Reversi Online Tournament.


  • Online game with opponents from the entire world
  • General chat, and a chat accessible in individual games
  • Ability to pick an opponent from a general list
  • Ability to watch other individuals playing
  • Most well
  • known rating system, known as "Elo"
  • Ability to see the rating of each opponent
  • Return to the game in case of a loss of Internet

Details: Reversi Online Tournament is one of the first revolutionary online games that is designated to the iPhone/iPod Touch. Meet new people online or play against your friends. Gain points in a special online ranking system, one that rewards you for playing against stronger foes. Fight so that you can make the "Hall of Fame," a list of the top ten best players. You start off with a 1200 rating. How far will you get? Who will you challenge? You can play against players in countries around the world, including the US, Russia, Poland, and the UK. It does not matter where your opponents are from, as long as you rack up wins and have fun in the process. And once the game is over, you are more than free to chat with your opponents, many of whom live in countries all over the world! All this thanks to Reversi Online Tournament. Enjoy!

NOTE: This game requires your iPhone/iPod to be connected to the Internet!

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