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11 March 2009

Modular composition/processing software for sound design.


Gleetchlab is a modular software designed to process audio files and live sound sources in realtime. Unlike many music softwares, gleetchlab does not use a "timeline", instead you can process and record sound as it plays and quckly store every parameter into ten easy-to-recall temporary presets.

You can manipulate samples with random loop points, alterate speed and direction of playing without limits, pencil edit waveforms and use the internal DSPs such as convolution, feedback generator, granular re-synthesis, waveshaping distortion, spectral filtering, wow simulation, dynamic reverberation and your own VST plugins.

Also you can record and re-record endlessly each processed sound into the 6 stereo loopers or manipulate sources coming from your soundcard and last but not least, use a quadriphonic suround mixer/recorder.

What's new in Gleetchlab

Version 3.0:
  • Complete software redesign
  • MIDI Implementation
  • New DSPs
  • Quadriphonic mixing and recording
  • Parameters recall
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