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07 March 2009

Platform-independent time tracking tool.


Fred is a platform-independent time tracking tool. With Fred you can very easily file, view and record efforts (periods of work time), structure them into tasks and projects and exchange them (in multi-user projects) with your project leader.

What's new in Fred

Version 1.4.1:

Major new features:

  • The projects and tasks are now sorted by their name in the project tree and all comboboxes (issue #88, r679). They're also sorted in the "Subscribe Task" dialog.
  • Added a feature to change the task and the category of a selection of efforts (issue #94, r679, r680).
  • The Quickbar display code was rewritten. It now displays correctly on every screen border on the latest Gnome Desktop (tested on Ubuntu 8.10) and on Mac OS X. Also the position of the quickbar has changed slightly. It's now positioned at the borders of the available desktop area (i.e. without task bar or similar things) instead at the borders of the screen.
  • A new button has been added to the Quickbar to bring the main window to the front.
  • A new launching system has been added. This way running Fred directly from the commandline via the "java" command is a lot easier. Simply run "java -jar lib/launcher.jar" or the plattform-specific launcher (available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). This change includes that there is now only one launch script for Linux (instead of two as in previous versions).
  • Fred files can now be specified via the command line. Simply pass the Fred work file a first parameter to Fred (issue #96).
  • New translation: French
  • Much more...

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