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23 February 2009

Find favorite places near you easily.


Boba Addict... Welcome to the one-touch blazing-fast way to find your favorite places and businesses wherever you are! The AddictApps Series makes all of the things you love or just plain need, just one tap away. Do an iTunes search of "AddictApps" to view the entire series.


  1. One touch to show nearby businesses in Maps.
  2. Tap-able launch page to view a list of closest businesses.
  3. Call or get directions to businesses.
Why use this app over Maps?
  1. Super convenient to use, just click and you're there!
  2. We have optimized our app to quickly lock into your location wherever you are.
  3. You don't have to stop driving to type in a search in Maps.

What countries does this app work in? Currently they work in countries that use English and that Maps works in.

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