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20 April 2020

Control your model railroad on your Mac.


iTrain offers an easy-to-use solution for controlling your model railroad with your computers, especially if you want to automate only parts of your layout and keep control of the rest yourself. For example automatic block control avoids collisions and you control which train is driving manually or fully automatically according to a selected route.

It is not necessary to study for weeks to be able to use iTrain. Simply draw the layout and assign the signals and feedbacks to the blocks for automatic control of your block signals without providing difficult rules. Defining a route can be as simple as selecting the order of blocks, but more advanced options are also possible. In case you are using a modern system like the Central Station or ECoS, iTrain will import all loc, turnout and signal definitions so you can start even faster.

iTrain comes in three editions: Lite, Standard, and Professional. They differ in the supported features and you can easily upgrade later by purchasing a new license. There is no need to do a reinstall or to make changes to your definitions.

  • In general the Lite edition is for users who only want to drive manually with their locomotive and to use the switchboard to easily set turnouts and signal.
  • The Standard edition adds fully automatic driving via preselected routes.
  • The Professional edition contains everything including networking (use of multiple computers at the same time with optionally different operating systems) and/or to make use of a second screen (to display another switchboard and/or locomotive overview).

What's new in iTrain

Version 5.0.3:
  • Function 'Direct control' should not influence mass simulation in iTrain
  • Remove Dinamo specific option 'Shunt acceleration' as not applicable anymore
  • Remove the action to reset the totals when double clicking on the time/distance labels
  • Shunt actions: Check engine sound function and if necessary delay before driving with distance or speed step
  • Train route input only shows active train routes and in the defined order
  • Lookup of sound device improved with automatic refresh
  • Rocomotion has additional accessory offset option in specifics and programming on service track improved
  • Staerz ZS1 and ZS2 with more baudrate options and default 38400 baud
  • Decoder programming on service track for BiDiB-ReadyBoost implemented by selecting this module
  • Address grouping of 6 for Lenz LS150 decoders
  • Dinamo block linker improved and added better logging
  • Negative delay in action executor means wait until previous lines have finished and then add delay
  • Improved LocoNet server reading with recovery for errors in stream
  • Speed and length fields do not use overwrite mode anymore
  • Baudrate of 38400 added for Dinamo system
  • New option for Rautenhaus RMX to skip initialization of all vehicles and only read the state from the interface
  • Calculate total block length with (Auto) Fill if it is still unspecified, but the feedbacks have a length
  • Connection loss will now invoke the internal alarm instead of just beeping three times
  • RMX serial interface with watchdog functionality to stop trains in case of connection loss
  • RMX support for DCC accessories via DCC direct command
  • Change to the Z21 interface so that it also works with the MD-Electronics command stations
Bug fix:
  • NCE PowerCab support should work with USB-interface
  • Staerz ZS2+ connection start with ZS2 interface works properly
  • Sudden direction change could cause a locomotive to drive with the old speed
  • Accessory change action not working properly for decouplers
  • Second pseudo address for signals cannot be used by remote controllers
  • Turnout speeds should be initialized properly with restricted when necessary
  • State 'Clear signal (405)' missing for Canadian signals with two heads (high)
  • Extra block reservation check improved in routing

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