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08 April 2009

Menubar item to post your current iTunes song to Twitter.


TwitTunes is a menubar item that will allow you to post your current iTunes song to Twitter.

IMPORTANT! My website is unfortunately down AGAIN! So you will that there is an update, when there really is not. I am told it will be fixed within 24 hours, so just hang in there, and just click cancel if it comes up.

In this release, being a beta, there are a few bugs that were not fixed. A number of preferences do not take affect until after an application restart. If you change one of the preferences and nothing seems to change, please restart the application by quitting it and opening it again.

To use, launch the application then in the menubar you will see the TwitTunes logo, click that, and go to preferences. There you will input your username and password. You can also set up a lot of other options in the preferences to customize your use of TwitTunes.

What's new in TwitTunes

Version 2.2.5b:
  • [Fixed] preference loading code which caused tweeting to stop working
  • [Fixed] interface problem where a window could be resized when it should not have been
  • [New] Preference setup for first time users
  • [Fixed] if you add a message to auto-tweet the window does not close after 30 seconds
  • [Fixed] if a missing song element (eg: song name, artist name, album name or genre name) then you will be informed
  • [Changed] preference loading scheme
  • [Fixed] new preferences will now be loaded instead of old ones
  • [Fixed] Interface bugs
  • [New] now includes a beta version of auto posting
  • [Fixed] now update window text field will start that the top instead of the bottom
  • [Changed] cut out a lot of useless code, many redefinitions
  • [Fixed] audio notifications changed to work correctly
  • [Fixed] many memory leak fixes
  • [New] interface theme
  • [New] donate button in the preferences
  • [Fixed] Memory bugs due to premature releases
  • [New] Will give audio notifications if twitter authentication has failed when tweeting
  • [Changed] there have been more interface changes to improve the look of the application
  • [New] Now will correctly download an update if there is a new one. Preference transferring will have to be tested still
  • [Fixed] code to download update files and application
  • [Fixed] upgraded code to make launch time a lot faster
  • [New] Added options for including the Album name and Genre name
  • [New] ability to customize how the layout of the music info in the tweet is.
  • [New] Updating options are now new and improved
  • [Fixed] now will replace the & symbol with "and" to prevent your tweet getting cut off
  • [Changed] Updating interface to provide more information about each update to user
  • [New] Now TwitTunes has an audio notification that posting was successful after each post

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5 Reviews of TwitTunes

09 February 2009
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

Hi The download link is not working. Could you please provide a new one. Regards Ciro
17 January 2010
Version: 2.2.5b
I apologize in advance for being rude, but why would you possibly want this? Why would you announce to everyone what song you're listening to at any given moment? Does anyone really care?
28 June 2009
Version: 2.2.5b
Very nice app it works auto fine, i like it . Thanks !
18 June 2009
Version: 2.2.5b
Fails to log into Twitter for me.
08 April 2009
Version: 2.2.5b
Just my opinion, but I would stop following anyone who tweets what they're listening too. That's just too much noise.
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09 February 2009
Version: 1.0
Hi The download link is not working. Could you please provide a new one. Regards Ciro
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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
Application is not under development & not supported.

Downloaded & Installed 4,078 times

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