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30 October 2009

Scriptable generative MIDI sequencer based on the harmonic table.


Elysium is a generative MIDI sequencer. Okay, so what does that mean? Let's take it in reverse: Elysium is a sequencer, that means it's designed to produce sequences of notes that can be layered to form music. Elysium uses MIDI which means that it doesn't make sounds itself but can drive MIDI based synthesizers, samplers, and other instruments. It also means that Elysium's output can be recorded, and manipulated, in a DAW such as Logic or Ableton Live. Elysium is generative which relates to the way the music is created by building up a "system" composed of layers, cells, tokens, and playheads that combined, when "played", to produce a sequence of notes.

Still not with me? That's okay. Once you've played with it a bit it will all become clear. Elysium is a very visual application with all activity being displayed on a hexagonal matrix representing the harmonic table where each cell corresponds to a note. Elysium offers many tools to create variation including control over probability, LFO's that can be attached to controls, and an embedded Javascript interpreter for scripting. Elysium is an open source application released under the MIT license.

What's new in Elysium

Version 1.0:
  • Major fix to timing code! Longer notes, in particular, will now play properly.
  • Fixed problems with quitting before stopping playback.
  • Show Layer Manager menu item works again.
  • Better inspector show/hide behaviour when switching windows & closing documents.
  • Added preference to configure middle C (Author: Chris McGrath ).
  • Fixed bug where oscillators loaded from file do not run.
  • Many actions now work better with undo/redo, undo/redo support through more of the app.
  • New channel override feature allows for probabilistic control over channel assignments.
  • Square oscillator sustain can be set again.
  • Many improvements to the inspector dial controls.
  • Oscillator editor properly enforces upper/low value bounds.
  • Maximum note length is now 10s.
  • Beat triggering now works with fast LFO's.
  • New icon for composition files.
  • Fixed problems of generators falling behind the beat when under probability control.
  • Adding generators to running layers works again.
  • Inspector title bar indicates note name of selected cell.
  • I hope you enjoy this version of Elysium. I\'ve no plans to stop development and have some interesting ideas in mind to improve scripting, chord playing, and configurability. As always you can get involved at the GetSatisfaction page and report problems or talk about new features you would like to see.

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