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TrickleStar Widget


TrickleStar Widget free download for Mac

TrickleStar Widget

15 January 2009

Widget controls Z-Wave home automation network & saves electricity.


TrickleStar Widget is a Dashboard widget that connects to the TrickStar hardware. This hardware makes it so all of the peripherals connected to your Mac (speakers, printer, etc..) don't continue taking up costly electricity when your Mac is in sleep mode.

It plugs into your Mac's USB port and automatically recognizes and powers off the utilities.

It also can be used to manage your home automation Z-Wave network. The Z-Wave-enabled remote control from TrickleStar can be used for all Z-Wave compatible devices such as dimmers, switches, roller blinds etc. It has a setting and operation mode and is fitted with two simple on/off and up/down buttons to select functions.

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