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22 July 2010

Premium online photo and video album service.


Phanfare: photo and video sharing worthy of your iPhone

The Phanfare Photon app puts your whole photo and video collection in the palm of your hand. Photos and videos that you upload from both the iPhone and from other cameras via the Phanfare Web site are wirelessly synchronized to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Phanfare is a premium photo and video sharing system. Phanfare stores original versions of your photos and archival renditions of your videos (4 megabits/second MPEG-4). As of December 2008, we store over 106,000,000,000,000 bytes of photos and videos.

Photos and videos uploaded to Phanfare are redundantly stored in multiple industrial strength data centers so you never need to worry about losing your irreplaceable media to a hard disk failure or other personal disaster. We use Amazon\'s S3 storage service in the back end, leveraging Amazon\'s experience in building mission critical systems.

You can edit your photos via our website (and soon on the phone), and Phanfare keeps both the originals and edited versions. You can always revert to your uploaded original.

The Phanfare Photon app gives you a subset of the functionality of the full Phanfare system, on the go.
  • Create a phanfare account or use your existing account
  • Upload photos in the background while you take more photos using the camera built-in to the app (quitting app stops everything)
  • Import photos from your iPhone camera roll to Phanfare
  • Photos and videos from your account are wirelessly synched to your iPhone for viewing
  • View your photos even without a network connection, once they are synched
  • Add captions to your photos
  • Create new albums and set security from your iPhone
  • Delete the photos you don\'t like, before or after they are uploaded
  • Syncs up to 100 recent albums. To see more albums from your account, browse to using Safari on the iPhone
  • Assign a photo from your collection to an iPhone contact
  • Email a photo
  • Invite others to see your photos and videos
  • Get notified when Phanfare friends and family update their own collections

In addition the Phanfare system on the Web offers the following functionality:
  • share your photos on Facebook, by installing the Phanfare facebook app (search for the app within facebook)
  • compatible with iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom through plugins available at
  • display on your living room TV through XBox 360 or PS3
  • Get high quality holiday cards, photo books, prints and data DVDs

The free version of the Phanfare service is limited to 1GB. Unlimited storage accounts are also available for $54.95/year. The Photon app works with both free and premium accounts. To upgrade, visit our website. If you have a large collection, import via first (it\'s faster that way).

What's new in Phanfare

Version 3.5:
  • We listened, and changed how you bring photos and videos into Phanfare. The old Import tab is gone. To add photos and videos to an album, go into the album and press the plus (+) in the toolbar. The photos and videos you select will be added to the current album.
  • Due to limitations beyond our control, you can only select one photo at a time. But it really is much easier now.
  • Tip: you can move or copy photos and videos between albums, hide, delete, or rearrange your photos. Go to the screen full of thumbnails and tap the Edit button. There is a lot of power in there.
  • Also, we changed the app name back to Phanfare.

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