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Download content and files from RSS feeds automatically.   Shareware ($19.95)
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Automatic allows users to set up subscriptions for virtually any content linked in RSS feeds. Automatic will fetch and deliver the latest content for your subscriptions right to your download folder.
What's New
Version 2.4.4:
  • Fixed a crash that could occur opening the "Advanced" options window or adding a new subscription.
  • Improved the way episodes are detected.
Intel/PPC, OS X 10.5.8 or later

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ver. 2.x:
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User042 reviewed on 02 Apr 2014
[Version 2.4.4]


User042 reviewed on 28 Jul 2013
I've used Automatic since 1.x and it's always worked well. I now use 2.x and it is even better. However I only use custom subscriptions with regex.

I find that it is a nice clean app that does what it is supposed to.

I also tried TVShows a few times but always ended up uninstalling it. As it wasn't as powerful (regex) or as nice to use as Automatic.

I've had a couple of issues but it had some thing to do with some other file getting messed up which is extremely common with OSX software at the moment even with major league software. But luckily the support is amazing which prompted me to buy this software in the first place.
[Version 2.3.5]


Walksonair reviewed on 17 Jul 2013
After purchasing and using for less than a year, the program no longer works. I installed on a Mac Mini and did not update software or do anything different from when I bought the program. Email sent to support has gone unanswered.

I cannot recommend buying this program. There is an awesome free alternative named "TVShows" that has filled the $20 void that this program's developers left.
[Version 2.3.5]


andgelcid reviewed on 18 Oct 2012
Activity, and the loading on the tvshow page crash everytime i open them. For a 20$ app this isn't cool at all. Even if this app is kinda great and save some time. I'm not ready to pay for it.
[Version 2.3.5]


tobacco reviewed on 25 Sep 2012
not good in quality
[Version 2.3.5]


tobacco reviewed on 25 Sep 2012
this ware could be better, so I do not think is a very good one! just an ok one!
[Version 2.3.5]



kjconrad reviewed on 12 Dec 2011
Sad to hear people say v2.x doesn't work well. I'm still using v1.x (available free on their website) and it's still rock solid and a wonderful tool. Not quite as easy as the newer version looks to use, but a large part of may automated TV Show workflow (Automatic -> Transmission -> Magic Media Marker -> iTunes/Apple TV).
[Version 2.1.7]


Brighton-Pete commented on 08 Nov 2011
As great.

Not now.

Always have to stop it, and 99% of the TV shows in the list have disappeared.

Look for something else, as this doesn't look like it will be updated.
[Version 2.1.7]



Chuckb84 reviewed on 26 Apr 2011
Good when it works, but for over a month it fails with about 90% of the shows. This has something to do with the RSS source, but the developer is very unresponsive. The support forum is FILLED with complaints "doesn't work", "stopped working", etc and the developer is making vague promises of an update "hopefully" in May.

Great when it works, but the support is unimpressive. I can't recommend it over free alternatives unless there is some support.
[Version 2.1.6]



Piranha reviewed on 02 Dec 2010
Fantastic app, saves me a lot of time :-)
[Version 2.1.6]


maboroshi had trouble on 12 May 2009
Ironic that MacUpdate's RSS feed link gets rejected by this.

I wonder if there's a workaround for this?
[Version 0.9.8]

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misha replied on 12 May 2009
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we'll investigate.


Bottacco rated on 03 Sep 2013

[Version 2.4]

Alphabrett rated on 07 Aug 2012

[Version 2.3.4]


Rob.h rated on 17 May 2012

[Version 2.3.2]

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Type:Internet : Internet Utilities
Date:08 Dec 2013
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $19.95
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Automatic allows users to set up subscriptions for virtually any content linked in RSS feeds. Automatic will fetch and deliver the latest content for your subscriptions right to your download folder.

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