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Fish Bling Bling1.0.1

01 December 2008

Real-time simulation game.


Fish Bling Bling is a real-time simulation game. The fishes continue to live even when the game is turned off.

Recommended for fans of Koi Pond that want virtual pet-like features or those who enjoy simulation games in general.


  • 20 varieties of koi to discover.
  • Realistic water. Have fun making splashes and ripples.
  • Shake to drop colorful fish foods.
  • Buy fish eggs from fish store and nurture them from fry to matured.
  • Fish breeds valuable coins and precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, and diamond.
  • Fishes with higher Bling Power will produce more valuable stones. Take care of the fishes to improve their Bling Power.
  • Scrolling map.
  • 3 pond settings based on actual time: day (6am to 6pm), evening (6pm to 12am) and night (12am to 6am).
  • Relaxing atmosphere.

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