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18 November 2008

High quality relaxation melodies; just $0.99 for a limited time.


Silent Island... Take a break and enjoy high quality relaxation melodies on Silent Island. These carefully selected melodies inspired by nature will transport you away from the stresses of daily life and create a clearing for your mind to reconnect to the natural calming rhythms that rejuvenate the body.

The Artist Hauke Nissen grew up and is still living on a small hidden island where he plays his instruments like the fairytale guitar, heaven harp and panpipe strings improvising sounds and mixing his melodies with the natural sounds from the island, creating melodies that inspires feelings of deep calm and serenity.

With Silent Island you can enjoy melodies categorized in six different themes addressing the mood and energy in response to the pulse of the day. In "day mode" you will find melodies that energize the start of the day, inspire thinking and calm the soul. Touch the moon on the upper right screen and switch to "night mode" where you will find melodies that will bring you piece and calm, leading to a comforting sleep. You will be amazed by the high quality of the sounds and the relaxation effect. The interface is designed in a way that everything is within a touch.

As a special functionality the application features "Island Illuminations" Put your IPhone/IPod Touch in "Island Illumination Mode" before you go to sleep and watch your bedroom bathe in spectral colors of the rainbow. Together with the peaceful melodies you will be transformed and renewed. Other features include a sleep timer and an intuitive user interface.

With Silent Island a new dimension of melodie based relaxation begins.

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