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12 October 2016

Standalone 3D Metafile (3DMF) viewer.


Geo3D's features include:
  • Flexible mouse and keyboard navigation through and around the models with many configuration options
  • Open and save 3DMF files (3D Metafile) in text or binary format
  • Import VRML files
  • Preview 3DMF textures
  • Export 2D images and animation sequences in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and Photoshop format at the resolution you choose
  • Automatic model rotation
  • Various standard camera positions
  • Individual viewpoints
  • Interpolated transitions between viewpoints, cameras, etc.
  • Record and render navigation paths; export as animation sequence
  • Various configuration options for lighting, renderer, fog, etc.
  • Add URL addresses, including descriptions, to objects, providing a direct connection to additional information
  • Selective representation of individual model domains
  • Coordinate value extraction and range finding
  • Fade and shift semitransparent planes and axes
  • Combine multiple 3DMF files
  • Support for 3D accelerator hardware, and plug-in renderer
  • Partly scriptable and recordable using AppleScript
  • Full screen rendering

What's new in Geo3D

Version 2.5.9:
  • Modes/Edit URL: Adding an empty URL could cause a crash
  • German version: fixed menu "Blickpunkte"
  • Several minor internal improvements
Known limitations
  • Viewpoints: Saving a 3DMF file which contains internal references with Geo3D viewpoints could corrupt the file. Possible workaround: Save the file once as stream 3DMF to resolve the references.
  • Reading text 3DMF files is limited; therefore I suggest - if possible - to convert these files using Anatas.

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5 Reviews of Geo3D

28 December 2007
Version: 2.5.6

Most helpful

Geo3D does very well as a 3DMF viewer. The models are easy to manipulate and the cost is right!
28 December 2007
Version: 2.5.6
Geo3D does very well as a 3DMF viewer. The models are easy to manipulate and the cost is right!
13 September 2005
Version: 2.5.2b1
Congratulation to author. It's a very nice program ! 3DMF file support is great (clap clap to the Quesa team on shame on Apple to haven't open source of QD3D).
03 October 2004
Version: 2.5b3
update so fast. But It is really a bad program!
Xavier Donath
10 February 2003
Version: 2.1.1
Would be nice to see it run on OS X
05 May 2002
Version: 2.1
A powerful easy-to-use QD3D viewer.