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Sticky Notes

20 December 2010

Simple note keeping application; saves notes as wallpaper.


Sticky Notes... The simplest applications are sometimes the most useful. Not often. But sometimes.

Have you ever thought... "I wish I could write a sticky note and save it as a wallpaper"? Of course you haven't. But now that we mention it, wouldn't that be nice?

Just think of all the things you could use it for:

  • "Front of Mind" Reminders... see it whenever you unlock your phone
  • Notes to Self
  • Quick shopping lists that you can view without even unlocking your phone
  • Things you want to memorize
  • Notes of self-encouragement
  • Sappy love notes from your (geeky) spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other/better half/life partner/what have you
Also, you can email the note, assign a note to a contact and see it when they call, and do anything else you can with a photo. The possibilities are literally finite.

What's new in Sticky Notes

Version 2.0:
  • Save Your Stickies!
  • Choose Your Font Style!
  • Choose Your Font Size!

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