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Financial Toolkit Pro1.6

12 March 2009

Financial functions and analysis.


Financial Toolkit - iFinance... The financial tool kit and calculator provides essential financial software for users to analyze their financial investments.

Powerful financial engine designed to answer ninety percent of your financial questions with a user interface requiring only a few keystrokes.

Great for investors, realtors, accountants and students. As a teaching tool it can show students the importance of investing, use of credit, and what the time value of money means.

In today's economy where credit and retirement planning is on everyone's agenda, a few strokes of the keys will provide insight into your 401k or IRA and how you can plan for retirement.

For many who must manage their credit card debt, it will show how long it will take to pay it off and the interest paid.

For those who are concerned about their real estate investments it can give you at updated estimate of the value of your investment property and those who are considering new investments, it will show you what the return on investment will be.

Finally, the tool kit provides a comprehensive load amortization function so with a few keystrokes you can see what is happening with your mortgage.

Who can use this product? Why use it? Investors, Students, Teacher, Financial advisers, realtors, stockbrokers

Anyone who has a 401k, an IRA, has a mortgage, is a homeowner, or has a charge card needs

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