Joe's Network Utility
Joe's Network Utility


Joe's Network Utility free download for Mac

Joe's Network Utility

26 October 2008

Suite of various network utilities.


Joe's Network Utility currently consists of the following tool sets:

  • Ping (determines the availability of a host and packet round trip times)
  • DNS lookup (name resolution to IP address(es) )
  • Wake on LAN (WoL) Wake-on-LAN allows you to wake up a device via Internet or VPN by sending a magic packet to wake it up.
Please note that the remote device must be configured to listen to those kind of packets for being able to be woken up.


  • all functions are being implemented the iphone/ipod touch GUI way.
  • a list with your favorites separated for each each tool
  • usage of your favorites between tools (as long as possible for required functionality)
  • grouped history of Pings being send and a summary for each ping session, lookups being done, magic packets being send
  • definition of number of packets to send
  • definition timeout for each ping, ping answers being received later than the timeout are marked in red
  • if nothing is entered super favorites are being used
  • works via Wifi, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, VPN

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