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Fighter Pilot

13 January 2012

Flying game with tilt controls.


FIGHTER PILOT - Dogfight Battle... lets you pick one of 5 fighter aircraft from past, present and future and do battle with another fighter jet! Pick one of the following:
  • F/A-18 Hornet
  • Mirage 2000
  • P-38 Litening
  • BF-109 Messerschmitt
  • Alien fighter
CONTROL your fighter by tilting the iPhone/iPod Touch. Shoot Guns or Heat Seeking Side-Winder Missiles, and defend yourself with high-G turns and Flares to decoy the Side-Winders. First fighter to 5 Kills becomes an Ace! 3 difficulty levels add the the already intense gameplay. Simulate high altitude fights, or turn the 'ground collision' on and survive without crashing into the ground!

What's new in Fighter Pilot

Version 2.3.2:
  • Compiled in iOS 2.2.1.

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