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10 October 2008

Scientific calculator with many functions.


TCalc is a scientific calculator for iPhone and IPod Touch with a huge number of functions. TCalc includes:icon

  • basic scientific routines like sin, cos, tan, si nh, cosh, tanh, and their reciprocal functions
  • gamma and error functions and their reciprocals
  • calculation with complex numbers: adding, subtracting, exponential, sqare root, power etc.
  • functions to calculate with integers like div, modulo operations, binominal coefficients etc.
  • functions for prime numbers, like prime number test and next and previous prime number determination
  • functions for date and time calculations and conversions like days between dates, day of week etc.
  • statistical functions like average, std deviation etc.
  • unit conversions like meters to yards etc.
  • physical constants like speed of light etc.

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App requirements: 
  • This app is only available for iOS devices
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