RjDj single
RjDj single


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RjDj single0.6.3

10 October 2008

Uses the microphone to create or influence the music you hear.


RjDj single... Connect your headphones and enjoy the RjDj mind twisting hearing sensation. RjDj brings a new twist to mp3 players.

The RjDj single release features one scene and the RjDj album features two scenese. RjDj Scenes use the microphone of your Iphone to create or influence the music you hear.

The world around you will sound different or suddenly become part of a song. Some scenes sound best in certain situations like walking through the city, being alone or making music with your friends. You can also record your mind twisting hearing sensations and listen to them later just like a normal music title. RjDj affects the perception of your reality. It is the soundtrack to your life.

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