VeeMail free download for Mac


09 October 2008

Send audio email using spoken commands.


VeeMail... Send audio email using spoken commands. Say the name of a contact, and VeeMail looks it up your address book. Tap a button to record an audio message, attach a photo if you'd like, then send the message to the contact via email.

See a video of VeeMail here.

It's great when you're on the road, or any time you want to drop someone a note without having to type the message. Whether you're telling your friends about your weekend at the beach, or sending a voicemail to a colleague, VeeMail saves you time and is super convenient. Using specialized technology, VeeMail progressively adapts to your particular voice automatically, without training.

It's the fastest way to send an email, with sound and photos, to anyone in your address book, any time.

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