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WinRemote Lite1.1

07 October 2008

Control a Windows PC remotely.


WinRemote Lite is an application which lets you control every Windows-PC in your network. Use your iPhone or iPod touch as remote touchpad so you can control most of the desktop functions which lets you stay mobile. Change TV-Channels sitting on the sofa or change transparencies during a presentation without standing next to your PC or notebook all the time. Just connect your iPhone with the PC or notebook over WiFi and stay mobile. WinRemote Features:

  • Connect easily to a windows PC in your network for remote access
  • Use your iPhone or iPod touch as normal touchpad
  • Keyboard support
  • Control your Windows-PC by remote: - left mouse-button - scrolling in vertical direction
  • Control your Windows-Desktop wirelessly over WiFi
  • Just run the WinRemote Server on the Desktop PC (no installation needed)
  • Setup the touchpad on your device individually

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