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20 January 2013

Access, modify and share recipes.


SousChef is a dynamic recipe resource for home cooks and aspiring chefs alike.

Most cooking software stops at organizing recipes. SousChef helps you cook, start to finish. Find a recipe, cook it, modify it and share it with friends & family -- all in one application.

Unlike other cooking software, SousChef accesses an online cloud database made up of all other users' recipes allowing users to quickly find new and delicious recipes. No more trips to the store to get that one missing ingredient either -- SousChef ranks recipe results based on what's in your pantry, or offers suggestions for substitutes.

Whether you're throwing dinner together at the last minute, or want to experiment with a favorite family recipe, SousChef handles the details so you can simply cook!

Also, SousChef offers a grocery list function, so you can create shopping lists from your favorite recipes!

What's new in SousChef

Version 1.5.5:
  • Sandboxing support
  • 64-bit support
  • Uses OAuth for Dropbox -- you will have to relink SousChef via Preferences -> Sharing
  • Modernized cloud interaction
  • Bug fixes in rating and image uploading.

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01 October 2008

Most helpful

This is a very, VERY nice recipe organizer/presenter. Sharp-looking interface; easy-to-use; and a good feature set. The full-screen display in reversed-colour text is particularly effective. A good solid debut that I may well purchase even before the first point upgrade!
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Version 1.0
26 February 2019
ABANDONWARE. The developer's website has been removed. The app does not boot on MacOS Mojave. It has several incompatibilities with modern macOS making it crash without exception.
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Version 1.5.5
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28 February 2019
Hi, thank you for letting us know - we are going to remove from listing
21 January 2013
I'm really not a dabbler in Recipes but once in a while i like to try some of my culinary skills.This app really does the trick in style Hats off to the developers for a great app.
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Version 1.5.5
07 December 2012
Yep, sure looks abandoned to me too, I didn't get a response to a support question either. Unfortunately the export function of v1.5.5 doesn't appear to be working on Mountain Lion so it looks like I've lost all my recipes anyway ...
Version 1.5.4
30 March 2012
Extremely unstable, tested on multiple systems and OS X versions
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Version 1.5.4
03 September 2011
Downloaded a demo and bought the iOS app. First looks were very nice indeed ! Contacted the developer on a problem related to not syncing recipe photo's between devices. He seems in a deep sleep as I got no response after 4 days so I ditched the trial version. Really sorry, nut I strongly believe that good developer support increases the overall joy of using Mac OS and iOS app. btw the latest version is 1.5.1
Version 1.5
10 August 2011
Really liked this application when it was first released, however i'm now seriously considering switching to a different recipe management solution at the rate of development on SousChef is almost non existent!! The program is full of bugs which have never been addressed by the developers, almost no new features have been added in the last 2 years, and it now crashes over 50% of the time when used in Lion.. It is very disappointing, as it originally showed a lot of promise and could have been developed into a first class application if given some or any support! :o(
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Version 1.2.4
16 December 2010
This is the cooking app of my dreams. There's a service so you can import recipes from your browser or email, then just select the ingredients/directions areas (or other headings if they are there) and voila, your recipe is in souschef! I also love that you can click the dropdowns in each heading to search for more recipes by a certain author, or click to substitute ingredients. It's also nice to be able to select that you always have a particular ingredient so that it doesn't always wind up on the grocery list. And then there's the blogging features, and the full screen cooking feature.. which looks really awesome, but I haven't been able to try it out yet. Maybe one day when I have a computer in the kitchen! I think this would be really awesome paired with an iPad companion app that syncs your recipe library.
Version 1.2.4
28 November 2010
SousChef works good for me. In comparing it with another Mac recipe program, this one was easier and had better features. It took a bit for me to figure it out but that is standard for most programs. The photo is great, and I use it a lot, but wish it was removable as well. When you want to print the recipe, you don't want that black box if there is no photo. When I contacted the developer about this I got a quick response, but found I'd have to copy and paste to TextEdit if I don't want the box. It's a bit ugly and hey, uses more black ink, right?
Version 1.2.4
11 February 2010
I also got this program as part of the MacHeist bundle. I use it on a fairly old G4 powerbook, and it is not as fast as it could be, but is certainly usable. There was a problem in an earlier version with a crash during search on old hardware- I emailed the developer, and in reply they sent me a beta to try to see if it fixed the problem, which it did. I have no problems with the search with the newest update. At first, I found that the recipe import (mostly from plain text or html files) was slow and unintuitive, after importing a few recipes I found it much easier. For me, the big selling points are that SousChef is an attractive way to organize my recipes, attach notes and photos to remind myself about the recipe, and the big screen view for when I am actually cooking.
Version 1.2.4
09 February 2010
Great idea, and well executed - but as soon as you try and enter your own recipes is when the bugs start to appear. Adding ingredients and directions goes very smoothly if you do it in order without making any mistakes. But as soon as you want to insert directions or ingredients, reorder them or delete them is where this app suffers. I have too often lost steps entirely when deleting or re-ordering a direction. Sometimes 2 items disappear, sometimes the wrong item gets deleted. The same issues are with the Ingredients but I've found the best way to work around this is to just add ones you forgot to the end instead of messing with the order and risk losing any. You can get away with this with the Ingredients but unfortunately not with the directions because you NEED them to be in the right order. When you're working on entering a recipe with over 10 ingredients and steps, it's very easy not to notice when one goes missing. For this alone I have to rate this application a 3/5. Another issue I found when creating a grocery list, I typed up the whole thing and clicked Print. The pinwheel spun for about 30 minutes before I force quit the application. When I re-launched, none of the items in my grocery list had been saved and ended up re-typing up the whole list in Text Edit. The online portion works pretty well, and it's a great way to find new recipes and share some of your favourites, just as long as you manage to enter them in correctly. To be honest, because this database is largely (if not all) community driven, with the amount of problems I've experienced entering in my own recipes, I can only imagine that other people may have run in to the same thing and maybe didn't notice, and therefore there could be recipes published in the online database with ingredients and steps missing.
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Version 1.2.4


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
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