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The Tagger

01 July 2015

MP3 and AAC tagger.


The Tagger is an MP3 and AAC tagger for Mac OS X that combines powerful features with an intuitive and refined interface such as regular expression, Find & Replace, Discogs integration and an impressive range of ID3 tags.

  • Edit many more ID3 Tags than iTunes or other editors
  • Search & Retrieve Tags from Discogs
  • Find & Replace using Regular Expressions
  • Case Transformation: capitalize, uppercase & lowercase
  • Tag Trimming tool
  • Prefix & Suffix tool
  • Rename Files from Tags
  • Get Tags from Filenames
  • Remove Hidden Personal Data from iTunes Plus files
  • Multiple Artwork
  • Export to iTunes
  • Integrated Quick Look

What's new in The Tagger

Version 1.6.1:
  • Browser UI bug fix

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17 October 2008

Most helpful

Wow, it's like MediaRage with less features and costs the same. Lower the price please!
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Version 1.0.2
04 June 2017
Gives an error trying to write tags in m4a files...
Version 1.6.1
04 July 2015
I paid for the tagger last week but unfortunately the process of buying had error. I emailed them about my buying error but no response at all.
What is going on? No support? Nobody work?
If you see this message, please contact me.
Version 1.6.1
1 answer(s)
27 August 2015
Did you hear anything from the seller? Wish I had read your comment sooner...
03 November 2013
Discogs integration? This sounds like a great idea considering the quality of the Discogs database. But The Tagger doesn't even use any of the available data of selections as search strings, like artist name for instance. You have to type that in. It's faster using the web browser you normally use. In practice it doesn't even find data after several minutes that I can find in my web browser in no time. The Tagger failed to export album art that I added. After "export to iTunes" The Tagger may lose track of the path if the file is moved by iTunes, like that was unsolvable. Quick Look is nice, but iTunes integration would be better. The app seems stable and it has a few useful commands for editing tags. There's nothing you can't get for free or as donationware at dougs applescript site. I had all those functions and the scripts are more versatile too. The free app Tag is just as good as this and does'nt oversell its features that I truly think The Tagger does.
Version 1.5.3
12 May 2013
I don't see i, what it is better than others and where it can edit many more tags … tags are really limited and it is impossible to add new ones. Plus it cannot edit FLAC files.
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Version 1.5.3
04 February 2013
One of the best on osx. Maybe a little more features could be welcome (like id3 version infos).
Version 1.5.3
21 March 2012
best mp3 tagging tool on mac, but a little bit expensive
Version 1.5.2
14 January 2012
Works ok but too expensive. There are tons of free alternatives doing the same.
Version 1.5.2
2 answer(s)
15 January 2012
Tagr and Musorg are free.
16 January 2012
The only real plus of The Tagger is the Discogs look up. Very useful to me. But I agree it seems too expensive for what it does. I'd easily cut the price in half.
22 December 2011
Finally, a simple, efficient and easy to use mp3 tagger which allows to rename files and guess tags from filenames. It's a shame it's not compatible with m4a lossless ! hope it'll do it one day...
Version 1.5.1
03 November 2011
Nice for me, my ~160 Gb iTunes Library are taggeb with TheTagger, useful and simple software.
Version 1.5.1
22 May 2011
Yet another paid app that doesn't even support M4A (Apple Lossless).
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Version 1.5.1