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25 July 2011

Multi-process Web browser.


Note: Stainless is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for sale.

Note: Over the past couple of years it's been impossible for me to keep working on Stainless and thus the source code for Stainless is now available under the MIT License for those who might be interested in continuing the project.

Thanks to all for your support!...

Stainless is a multi-process browser for OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Although Stainless started out as a technology demo to showcase our own multi-processing architecture in response to Google Chrome, we've been inspired by our growing fanbase to forge ahead and craft Stainless into a full-fledged browser. In fact, Stainless now has features you won't find in Chrome or in any other browser.

A prime example is parallel sessions, which allow you to log into a site using different credentials in separate tabs at the same time. This new technology is woven throughout Stainless, from the private cookie storage system, to session-aware bookmarks that remember the session in which they were saved. We're excited to showcase what we believe is a true browser innovation.

What's new in Stainless

Version 0.8:
  • new: OS X 10.7 compatibility
  • new: 64-bit build
  • added: ability to stop downloads in progress
  • added: tab from autocomplete row selects URL for editing
  • added: 3 finger swipe gesture left/right for back/forward (use with option key under Lion)
  • optimized: faster multi-process manager
  • fixed: backward and forward menus may fail for dynamic pages
  • fixed: failed partial downloads aren't cleaned up

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27 September 2008

Most helpful

At first run it quite clearly states that this should be considered a "tech demo" to prove that running each tab in a separate process is doable and usable on the Mac. Hopefully the WebKit/Safari team will pick up on this idea. Props for the effort, it's certainly interesting work. People marking it down seam to be missing the point.
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Version 0.1
02 March 2013
This is definitely a wonderful browser that runs very well even on old PPC Mac's. I love the interface and simplicity of it. I will say thought that it is definitely under development still. It hasn't reached version 1 yet as the developer (like in the description) intended it as a demo and not a total project. He has however told me via Twitter that this app IS still under active development. He's also stated that he's still in the process of making Stainless open source and that he's going to keep the PPC binary alive.
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Version 0.8
24 April 2012
Stainless has a lot of potential. As mentioned already, it handles Flash better than any other browser I've tried. Why can't Chrome or other browsers run this efficiently? It does lack many features, which makes it a poor choice for daily use, but as a light browser or for viewing YouTube, it is one of the better options.
Version 0.8
06 November 2011
This browser could be promising but needs: • An ad-blocker. And a serious one that blocks as much as the add-ons available with the major browsers, so look at AdBlock, ABP etc and be good as those for blocking all ads everywhere and have way of blocking the 1 or 2 that get through manually too with a right-click function • 1password support • Gestures. Can't even do a swipe for forward and back with BTT because for some reason it won't work, the only application I can think of that BTT has not worked with when I have tried it • Ability to set desired precise search engine string for location bar • Also seems to have issues with History • Can I just say ad blocker a 2nd time. And if you can't make it very effective indeed should be a way to add a blocking CSS to improve it
Version 0.8
28 May 2011
This is one of the unsung heroes. This browser has got the best flash player performance and the best processor management. This is a gem... of course lacks of many goodies as FF, Chrome or Safari, but if you are looking for something slim with a fast performance, this is the one.
Version 0.7.5
13 May 2011
Stainless is an excellent, light browser that really gives me what I need. I love that, unlike Safari, I can close a tab and recover all memory associated with it. Unfortunately I haven't seen any development since 2009. What I'm missing the most is a more elegant way to organize bookmarks and a 1password integration. I would really like to help getting this project back on track!
Version 0.7.5
30 April 2011
Excellent Browser. It is fast and smooth running.
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Version 0.7.5
07 July 2009
Glad to see this is becoming a full fledged project. The parallel session technology that "allows you to log into a site using different credentials in separate tabs at the same time" is super cool, especially for Web developers. And Stainless already passes the Acid 3 test. Firfefox 3.5 doesn't even do this yet. Certainly it's missing a lot of features that would make it useful as you daily browser, but it's of to a really good start.
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Version 0.6.5
09 May 2009
I love innovative ideas like this, but what results is that each tab is a process that on average takes around 39MB of RAM. If I were to use this browser as I use Firefox, with 4 windows open, each with about 8 tabs, I'd be out over a gig of RAM, where Firefox manages to keep the memory usage below 300MB, with more features and several plugins installed.
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Version 0.6
08 May 2009
This browser sounds really exciting! I'm a long time Firefox user (since the days when it was called Phoenix) and I'm truly disappointed in how bloated, buggy, and memory-intensive Firefox has become. It all boils down to leadership and the Mozilla Foundation has been operating like a beast with too many heads for years now. I want my lean, mean privacy-conscious browser back -- not this gargantuan, crash-prone imposter who shares a bed with Google. As soon as this browser implements 1Password and a decent ad-blocking program, Firefox's days are numbered.
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Version 0.6
1 answer(s)
24 March 2011
What she said.
24 March 2009
This is a great browser! Its missing a few features of a full browser but even so I have been using it as my main portal to the intertubes. The bookmark shelf is genius and the load times seem to beat Safari 4. Also biggest plus it doesn't eat memory like safari! And running youtube on a separate task speeds that up immensely. Can't wait for the full release! O and no crashes or hang ups yet...
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Version 0.5.4