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inTone Guitar2.1.1

17 November 2014

Broad range of built-in guitar effects controllable by MIDI pedals.


inTone Guitar is an audio application for live performance at home, on stage, or in the studio. It is featuring a broad range of built-in guitar effects controllable by MIDI pedals and together with the ability to host 3rd party effects and instruments, you get a complete solution for any guitarist.


  • High quality, carefully modeled effects specially for guitar such as preamp, amp and speaker models, distortion, overdrive and many more
  • Open Architecture: Any number of 3rd party effects and instruments can be opened inside inTone in an unlimited number of combinations
  • Complex MIDI mapping with superior flexibility and fast control - one mouse click, one key shortcut, one MIDI controller touch, to switch to another, completely different setup
  • Multichannel audio interfaces and allows flexible assignments of inputs and outputs
  • Ability to process two independent sources at the same time - e.g. two guitars, guitar and voice, effected guitar and non-effected guitar for monitoring, etc.
  • Works as a VST plugin and therefore can be used in DAW's to host built-in or 3rd party effects for live recording in the studio
  • Recording and MP3 playback capability with time stretching and the ability to import iTunes playlists
  • Large number of built-in presets providing plug-and-play interface, while offering inSpiration for making your own presets
  • Sharing your presets online through our preset database
  • Free utility for managing of your program banks
  • Ability to work as ReWire host
  • Low latency audio engine

What's new in inTone Guitar

Version 2.1.1:

  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility
  • Importing presets from the PC version
  • Changed MIDI Routes behavior when loading a preset with locked chain
  • Note routes no longer ignore the "Control Change" option
  • "Learn" feature for note routes improved
  • Optimization: Initialization of some modules after preset load changed to smooth operation
  • Optimization: Initialization of effect modules after swapping in the chain changed to smooth operation
  • Sample accurate Play/Pause sync of the four players in the Playback version
Track Player
  • Track player restores playback after system overload (does not stop playback)
Built-in Effects
  • Cmd-click to a slider sets the default value

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