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09 December 2008

Cooperative multiplayer RPG and adventure game.


Deliantra is a free software (some people say: open source), cooperative multiplayer RPG and adventure game, much similar in style (and setting) to nethack and moria, but is fully graphical and runs in realtime. It is set in a classical medieval environment with ubiquitious weapons and magic.

What makes this game special is its depth and the sheer amount of maps to explore: The world is vast (multiple continents, over 4000 manually designed maps, hundreds of monsters and countless variations of generated content) and complex (16 unique races, 17 classes, 40 skills and hundreds of spells to choose from and combine with each other), so there is a lot to explore. The gameplay is open and sets very few limits on character development. And of course a lot of fun is to be had by playing cooperatively with others exploring the same world.

What's new in Deliantra

Version 2.0:
  • The Log window can't be closed anymore by Alt+x.
  • Wont Alt+x or other Message window operations crash the client anymore directly after startup.
  • The invisible/cached parts of the map are darkened even more, so that invisibile parts can be distinguished from dark parts better

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