aGora (PPC)
aGora (PPC)


aGora (PPC) free download for Mac

aGora (PPC)1.4

16 October 1998

Real-time role playing strategy game where you control but one character.


aGora is a real-time role playing game where you're in control of a single character called "runner". The camera view can pivot around your character allowing you to see all perspectives of you game. One of the more unique features of aGORA has to be the circular nature of the map, hence the name globes. The circular shape not only makes for interesting game play, but also makes the strategic decisions that much more important. Another feature of each globe is the incredible uniqueness that every surface contains. Not only will the surface topography be unique, but so will the terrain itself. The hills and valleys will affect what routes work best and the terrain itself will affect how well a player is able to traverse the surface.

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