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SpiderOak is a multi-platform secure online backup, storage, access, and sharing solution engineered for the consumer and small businesses. You must first sign up to use SpiderOak.

Running natively on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, SpiderOak allows users to create a central storage repository where they can access data from all their SpiderOak devices within the application, or via Web login at SpiderOak.com.

Using an automated approach, SpiderOak immediately backs up and stores any additions, edits, or changes to the back up set. Historical versions of
What's New
Version 5.1.2:
  • New Feature: New command line option "--rename-device"
  • Speed Improvement: Faster handling of purged files
  • Fix: Folders were sometimes not listed in View Tab
  • Fix: Show warning when installation has been re-installed on another device
  • Fix: Syndication process doesn’t run on first device setup
  • Minor fixes
Intel/PPC, OS X 10.5 or later

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SpiderOak User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 5.x:
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Mt3 reviewed on 23 Mar 2014
Security and privacy. Best out there.
[Version 5.1.2]



polocanada reviewed on 21 Feb 2014
Great solution. I have been using it on and off, started few years ago but it consumed 6-8% of resources on Mac but I gave it a try recently again and I must say it's way better, consumes 1-2 person when uploading and 0.0-0.5 when idle, which is amazing given that this is one of few relatively more secure sync or share solution out there. This does encryption of data on your machine, rather than sending unencrypted or through SSL and then encrypted. In case of DropBox all they say it's encrypted on their servers, but where is no guarantee how the data and keys are stored, so you got to have something like boxcryptor or cloudflogger. Keep in mind that the much celebrated SugarSync (now virtually unaffordable and outpriced for most of average people) is same way insecure as dropbox, no local AES encryption, just in transit and final encryption on their server. I don't know about Googledrive and Skydrive, but the only other service similar to SpiderOak is Syncplicity. Syncplicity is much easier to use and has nice new interface on iPad (but sorry, secure editing of documents on iPad doesn't work in case you are excited about that part), however, only SpiderOak allows you to fine-tune the sync through their interface. So while the SpiderOak interface requires user manual (I had to check a few things), it's perfectly configurable, almost overwhelming, but very useful for power-user, and - hey - you don't use the interface every day - you set it and forget it. The linking with devices and machines is the most tricky part of SpiderOak.
The other part I am a little bit puzzled is where they state on the website following:

Important Note: When accessing your data via the SpiderOak website or a mobile device, you must enter your password which will then exist in the SpiderOak server memory for the duration of your browsing session. For this amount of time your password is stored in encrypted memory and never written to an unencrypted disk. The moment your browsing session ends your password is destroyed and no further trace is left.


So I am little bit puzzled reading this, but of course after re-reading this again, this is nothing unusually compared to any other online service when you login. They just put this disclaimer as they claim on other place on their website how they have "zero knowledge" and absolute privacy.

In any case - if you are really concerned about privacy, I wouldn't store bare data in the cloud. In that case using something like Coudfrogger or Boxcryptor is better and if you want total security, you have to go with something like Truecrypt (but issue is obviously you have to update whole encrypted volume every time its content changes, which could be unrealistic in cases with volumes over 1GB and slow network connection under 1mb upload speed.

I think it's really overdue the cloud storage providers come with better ways to store the data and provide option if I want to store the encryption key with my data online or not (and therefore forgo accessing it online or not).

Overall I think SpiderOak is a good solution for sync if you are looking to sync folders and do backup rather than having 1 folder only as it's in case of say Dropbox.

The cost is reasonable, compared to Sugarsync new rates.
[Version 5.1.2]


Jeff Wragg commented on 26 Oct 2013
I don't understand why this is just now showing up. This version, 5.03, was released on 15 August, and is showing up here at the end of October.
[Version 5.0.3]



Homer1 reviewed on 02 Aug 2013
Took at look at this a while back and went another route. After many issues with a few of the services (Amazon S3 and Mac OS X still have their differences, to put it kindly!) gave SpiderOak another try. They seem to have come a long, long way. The application is solid, easy to navigate and a breeze to set up. Got in touch with support on reinstating my email address so I could try the service again, and their response came the same day.

Now have it installed on both my iMac and my laptop PC, and it's hard to tell from the UI as to which platform I'm on. That's the way it should be!

All in all, if you haven't tried this service as of yet, you should give it a spin. I'm glad I did.
[Version 5.0.1]


bbw7 commented on 25 Jun 2013
Just started using, but I found one strange thing about it: the only way to quit it (besides via the command line) is to kill the two running process for it in Activity Monitor.

I realize it is meant has a sync'ing backup system, so I guess it is meant to be on all the time, but how about if one doesn't want it to be for some reason or another? Clearly they're trying to get you to rent storage space -- which is fine -- but the GUI ought to have a way to quit the application/service as well.

Looking at the manual, it says one needs to close spideroak to access it via the command line, but nowhere does it say how to close spideroak. The only answer on the spideroak forum (which is where clicking the help button got me) provided no better answer than killing the SO processes from Activity Monitor.

The application does not show up as a running application, so one can't kill it from the Force quit menu, and it doesn't show up as an active application on the dock and hasn't menubar options either.

To me it is very strange to be lacking such a basic feature.
[Version 5.0.1]

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Timmyb replied on 26 Oct 2013
The app has a menu bar item up near the clock/volume control/Airport/etc that has various controls including "Quit"


JCH2 reviewed on 06 May 2013
Still the slowest sync I have seen among so-called cloud services, but the recent improvements in public rooms may help. This is a feature many will not need in using a cloud service for backup. But when it comes to costly online storage for public file distribution, it might serve. The new hive and device syncing might appeal to some as well, just don't expect anything better in cost and storage limits than you will find elsewhere.

SpideOak does have on advantage over most; it allows you to store you local files/folders where you want them and then target them for syncing in their proprer location... even on a network or portable drive. That part is very nice and a step above some of the lead competitors, such as DropBox.

I will keep watching S.O. for more improvemnents... such as limiting public access through an external domain so that files cannot be downloaded except though my own site(s). That would pull ahead of the rest of the cloud services as well
[Version 5.0.1]

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JCH2 replied on 06 May 2013
I spoke too soon. SpiderOak does not support true public links... only its closed system of public access to folders set up for such. The person trying to acquire a file has to go directly to SO and into the folder you setup.

When will SO finally learn that this kind of cheap trick will not pull users away from other cloud systems and over to theirs?


JCH2 reviewed on 28 Feb 2013
I came back for another try, and while there has been some improvement, it isn't necessarily in the right areas. These days, living in the connected world means efficiency and convenience. SpiderOak has improved a little in the former but not in the later... purposefully in one key area.

Whether making a file live for the public, or just live for collaborators or clients, the three day limit on file shares does not cut it for the modern internet life. I need to be able to work local or remote and have the file updates automatically available online... without have to manually refresh and redistribute links for them every three days.

Back to DropBox, who gets it right if not perfect in all ways.
[Version 4.8.3]



Reowen reviewed on 07 Jun 2012
I like SpiderOak because it is quite flexible, has a great security model, and makes it easy to publicly share files. However, like others, I do find the desktop application rather clumsy and not very Mac like (no menu bar, no command keys for copy/paste though fortunately those commands are available via a contextual menu!).

I use SpiderOak on my mac for backup and to share some fairly static files. For the shared files, I appreciate the fact that they will automatically be updated if I change them on my Mac.

I use DropBox for files that change frequently and that I want to pass from one computer to another.
[Version 4.5.9941]

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JCH2 replied on 28 Feb 2013
Don't care about "Mac-like" as a product that is cross platform should kow-tow to one platform. But I do agree that the interface (still) needs work since my first peek almost a year ago.


Justincase reviewed on 18 May 2012
Was very hopeful, bought 100G month to try it.

When attempting to backup a directory (for multiple MAC Sync'ing), it only looked at the top level directory and not the directories below it...FAIL

Asked for help in forums, now answer after weeks (I canceled my account after that)..FAIL

Other more minor issues that I could have lived with until fixed.

Overall, didn't meet my needs...so I closed my account.

I am hopeful the product will mature and I "may" try it again in a year or so...It does have promise, but will another program overtake it before that happens? Who knows.

Back to Dropbox for now. cost twice as much, but it works.
[Version 4.5.9939]


Rayj commented on 17 Mar 2012
This has great potential but the main stumbling block for me is that the iOS app is read-only, not read/write so I can't edit items on the iPad and have them sync to the Mac. Last August SpiderOak were saying that a solution to this was expected "in the next two months" - but so far no sign of it.
[Version 4.3.9928]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.


Fdqn4fh rated on 29 Oct 2013

[Version 5.0.3]

mwang rated on 25 Mar 2013

[Version 4.8.4]

Ogonad rated on 22 Mar 2013

[Version 4.8.4]

bluadkad rated on 09 Aug 2011

[Version 0.0.0]


cstephen87 rated on 09 Apr 2011

[Version 3.7.97]

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Type:Utilities : Backup
Date:20 Feb 2014
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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SpiderOak is a multi-platform secure online backup, storage, access, and sharing solution engineered for the consumer and small businesses. You must first sign up to use SpiderOak.

Running natively on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, SpiderOak allows users to create a central storage repository where they can access data from all their SpiderOak devices within the application, or via Web login at SpiderOak.com.

Using an automated approach, SpiderOak immediately backs up and stores any additions, edits, or changes to the back up set. Historical versions of any document can be identified and downloaded by timestamp.

Any folders within a user's SpiderOak account can be selected for sharing in a password protected setting called a 'ShareRoom', and any changes or additions to the shared folders are automatically seen by visitors to the ShareRoom. Capabilities at a glance:
  • True privacy via comprehensive "zero knowledge" encryption. Not even the names of your files or folders are revealed.
  • Multi computer, real time: access all files from other machines
  • Retains complete historical content of every folder and file
  • Easily share folders from any device in ShareRooms w/ RSS feeds
  • Massive data de-duplication: extremely space efficient versioning and storage
  • Optional command line interface: batch mode, scheduled/scripted operation
  • Quality by design: near 100% automated test coverage
  • Properly handles OS X resource forks
  • ACID compliant, fault tolerant structure eliminates worry of corrupted backups

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