SQL Power DQguru

0.9.7 10 Apr 2009

Easy-to-use data-cleansing and de-duping tool.


Developer website: SQL Power Group Inc

SQL Power DQguru is an easy-to-use data cleansing and de-duping tool. The user interface puts a strong emphasis on straightforward visualization of your data and processes. It will help you cleanse your data, validate and correct addresses, and identify and remove duplicate records. Thus, you can provide your business users with complete and accurate data, and a single view of each customer, product, sales rep, and business unit.

What's New

Version 0.9.7:
  • Updated the bundled SQL Server driver so that it supports SQL Server 2008 out of the box
  • Fixed an issue on OS X where the log file chooser on the Engine Settings screen didn't allow you to choose a new file
  • The official name of the product is now SQL Power DQguru
  • Added a new command-line engine runner tool that allows the running of project engines without running the full GUI program. This is particularly useful for adding DQguru projects as part of an automatic batch process
  • Bugs Fixed
  • Run Engine Button didn't disable itself when the engine was running
  • Code that generates the repository was using the Architect's preferred pl.ini location
  • IllegalArgumentException when creating a new de-duping project on an Oracle database
  • Adding a Google Address Lookup transformer caused an exception
  • Address Correction Engine 'debug mode' did not rollback changes if 'immediately commit auto-corrected addresses' was checked
  • Updating the address pool on a SQL Server (2008) instance didn't work because it does explicitly support booleans
  • The Power*MatchMaker is now the DQguru
  • The Table Explorer has been replaced with a more powerful SQL Query tool
  • Match Validation graph now has a 'reset cluster' function that allows the user to reset only a connected cluster of matches, instead of reseting the entire set of matches
  • Support for deduping matches from a view
  • Munge processes have been renamed to transformations, and munge steps are renamed to transformers
  • Sort Words and Address Correction transformers
  • Support for Address Correction on Canadian mailing addresses, including a new Address Correction transformer, Address Correction Project and Engine, and a new Validation screen


  • OS X 10.4 or later
  • Java 5 or later


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