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23 March 2014

A benchmark digital audio workstation.


soundBlade is a Benchmark Digital Audio Workstation.

The heart of soundBlade editing is EFM, our Edit Fade Mode, working in concert with our pioneering 4-point editing model. Our famously detailed waveforms provide much-needed visual information while working rapidly on subtle details. It also has our enviable and highly adjustable SmartFade Tool which, when combined with EFM, makes short work of jobs that are time consuming or impossible on other systems. Of course, you can cut, copy, or paste between open Projects and drag-and-drop files from any Mac OS source, whether the Finder or iTunes.

Far from locking you into proprietary hardware, soundBlade works with all Core Audio interfaces, recording at all common sample rates in all common formats, including AIFF, WAV, and BWF. For re-purposing existing projects or, to collaborate with other studios, soundBlade opens SD2 files with regions and optionally loads back DDP file sets with the DDP File Open option. soundBlade also saves in Broadcast WAVE format, with Origination Date/Time, Originator, Originator Reference, and Description metadata.

In addition to Sonic Studio's extended precision Sonic EQ and benchmark NoNOISEII™ and reNOVAtor restoration modules, soundBlade supports your current collection of AU and VST plug-ins. You can freely intermix VST and AU plug-in types, inany of three points in the signal path, to achieve your desired signal flow.This affords an almost limitless choice of processing and restoration options.

To accelerate your production, soundBlade boasts real-time DSP when paired with a Series 300 FireWire processor. Over two dozen plug-in classes provide powerful, time-varying signal processing with a flexible patching system to design, build, store, and recall anytime they're needed.

  • Records 4 channeldigitalaudioto 192k
  • Plays 4 tracks
  • Multimode Waveform/Text View
  • Real time multimode editing
  • Real time multimode gainadjustment
  • Real time bounce/external processing
  • Real time host DSP: AU + VST
  • Sonic EQ le included
  • 10x Red Book-compliant CD-R burning
  • 12x DDP file set delivery
  • 12x freeze/render to disk
  • Background SRC
  • Vive™ restoration suite included
  • Proprietary shaped TPDF redithering
  • iZotope MBIT+™ redithering (Q3)
  • Core Audio I/O, including Pro Tools
  • Options Include:
    • Series 300 DSP Processors Interfaces
    • Eight Channel: 8 channels/16 tracks
    • Sonic EQ native™ option
    • NoNOISE II™ restoration suite
    • reNOVAtor™ spectral restoration
    • Quartet DynPEQ™ Dynamic EQ
    • QuickTime™ Interlock optional
    • DDP File Open: edit existing DDPs
Also available are soundBlade LE ($295 USD) and soundBlade SE ($695 USD). You can view a comparison chart here.

What's new in soundBlade HD

Version 2.2.3448:


  • Fixes Issues with WAV/BWF incorrect size and metadata
  • Add support for 32 bit CAF Audio Format (recording also)
  • Add support for Multiple Exports at same time
  • Add support for Sample Rate Conversion on Export
    • Creates multiple export files at same time
    • Supports 44/24 and 44/16 and 48-24 export
    • A new folder call 44-24, 44-16 and 48-24 is created
  • Shortcut Ctrl-Cmd-E for ExportTracks
  • Clean up Export error (out of memory - file-path )
Mark Info / Delivery Changes
  • Easier-to-read fonts
  • Fix Dragging FirstTrack (preserve pregap space)
  • Allow Editing of Index Mark Name
  • Fix Issue with incorrect CDText file length
  • PQ Disable Offsets follows Global Preference
  • Hide "Add iTunes" in Mark Info Window
  • Improved Error reporting for Marks Past end ofTracks
  • Fix on crash on editing end of track name
  • Fix disable offsets when opening project
  • Strip off file extension when creating mark names
Menu Changes
  • File Menu: Add "Show BWF Metadata"
    • ExportTracks: Ctrl-Cmd-E Shortcut
    • Save As: Shift-Cmd-S Shortcut
  • Add warning on Dither Mismatch
  • Fix HiCutOff with sample rates > 44 kHz
  • Fixes for Estimate name handling
  • Replace Broadband DeNoise II with NoNOISE 3 (global version)
  • Create project on Open Soundfile if no project
  • Fix Routing when creating new project while playing
  • Fix issue with selecting/ deselecting segment if mouse held down
  • Add "Clear SRP Marks" to EDL Contextual Menu
  • Fix one crash on AU Plugins (closing wrong plugin)
  • Fix Cmd-F and hiding of dB scale in EDL
  • Fix for playback of channels 15 and 16
  • Added Check For Updates selection to Preferences window
secure Player
  • Added play scroll bar
  • Fix ISRC changing half way through song
  • code signed (to avoid unknown developer message)

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